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10 Keys to Patriots Victory in Super Bowl 46

By: Tom Nappi

In my prediction Super Bowl 46 between the New England Patriots and New York Giants will come down to one defensive play, which team makes the extra stop or gets the key turn over. All we can do, to analyze any game is guess, because the future is unpredictable and if you look at this Super Bowl, this could arguably be the closest matchup for a Super Bowl ever, both of these teams are extremely even, both have highly affective offenses while on defense, both have a severe weakness in the secondary and a pretty strong front 7. Both of these teams are riding hot streaks, the Giants, I would argue are hotter right now due to the fact the teams they have beat as of late overall are much better quality opponents than the teams the Patriots beat, which is the key reason even though the Patriots are favored by 2.5 in Vegas, 65% of people are betting on the Giants.

I am going to break down this game with 5 things the Patriots must do offensively and 5 things defensively if they want to beat a tough Giants team, that has beat the Patriots the past 2 times they have played them. First off I never account for a past game that is more than 3 weeks old when it comes predicting time, because the setting, scenario and game plan is always evolving especially if you are coached by Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin. Before I break it down big props to Belichick for moving Devin McCourty to safety, that move was genius, is it right to continue this in the Giants game, not sure as the Giants have extremely fast receivers on the outside in Nicks, Cruz and Manningham, you may need McCourty to cover one of them.

5 Offensive Keys To Beat The Giants
(1 is the most important)

5) Block with Gronk: Rob Gronkowski will likely not be 100% with a high ankle sprain, I am predicting about 60-70% with a week to heal and from my prior severe ankle sprains. Gronk will definitely play, I think you could cut off all of his limbs and he would still play and contribute. Gronk will either be heavily covered in this game or not 100% so use Gronk primarily as a blocker, it is almost just as big of a contribution than Gronk being used in the passing game, no matter what the case throw in Gronks direction at least a few times to draw defenders his way but i expect Gronk to be used primarily as a blocker.

4) Utilize the Law Firm: Benjarvus Green-Ellis is a running back that pretty much never runs for negative yardage, the Giants are hard hitting and the “Law Firm” can dish it right back so let the “Law Firm” do some bumps with the Giants D-Line and utilize your entire backfield in the passing game, throw some confusing plays in there, maybe have the Law Firm or Woodhead run a couple routes, this will really throw off the bag of crap, trash talking Giants secondary.

3) Pick on the G-Men Secondary: The Giants backfield is just as bad, if not worse than the Patriots, pass all over the secondary, put a number of guys out there for deep balls, yes even throw Ochocinqo in the game for a few snaps, he has been a non-factor all year but has the potential to be forgotten by the Giants secondary. Deion Branch, Matt Slater and Tiquan Underwood should also be utilized with Branch playing 75% of the snaps, you must throw deep to exploit the Giants questionable secondary.

2) Step it up O-Line: The Patriots O-Line must protect Brady, The Giants pass rush is going to be foaming at the mouth for the chance to take down or hit Brady, you cannot let Brady get hit too much because this will lead to Brady interceptions, Brady must be protected by this O-Line all game long, they cannot let the Giants relentless pass rush tire them out.

1) Do What You Do Best: Welker, Hernandez and Gronk as usual! Throw a couple tricks in the game plan but stick to your core, the real big 3 in Mass has led the Patriots to victory all year long, do not get too far away from using the 3 best athletes on your offense besides Brady in Gronk, Hernandez and Welker. Hernandez should also be used in the backfield, I loved that, he has speed, force, runs hard and it will take multiple defenders to bring him down, pound, pound, pound all game long. Tire the defense out!

5 Defensive Keys To Beat The Giants
(1 is the most important)

5) Keep Going Secondary – Coach Belichick work your magic, move guys around and do whatever you need to do too keep the backfield on the upward trend. The secondary has progressed every single game just about, so keep making the adjustments or moves you make to keep the secondary on the upward trend, do not fear pulling the trigger on any move that may work because it could always be adjusted if it doesn’t work.

4) Double 2, Single 1 – You are most likely going to have to double on Nicks and Cruz just because their athletic ability and speed is ridiculous, keep an eye on those 2 but you will need to go 1 on 1 with someone and the best receiver to go 1 on 1 is Manningham, but keep in mind you will need a speedster like McCourty or Arrington to do this, because Mario can run!

3) Do what you do against the run – The run defense has been the high point of many lows for the Patriots, so do not let Ahmad Bradshaw or Brandon Jacobs run all over you, do what you normally do too stop the run and do not over concentrate on the pass because Coughlin loves to run.

2) Let Eli Throw – Eli can throw the deep ball but he is still not the most accurate Quarterback, I am expecting the Patriots to give up scores and yards but if you force Eli to throw, he will give you the opportunity to come up with an interception or 2 and ultimately I feel this is the kind of game that is going to come down to a turnover. But make sure you have his targets covered or they will burn you, make Eli throw a few stupid passes because he will if you have his targets covered.

1) Vince Wilfork must be like Bruce Willis in “Die Hard” – Be relentless, get bloody, hit hard and take your enemy down and play out of your mind like you did against the Ravens. Vince single handedly could have won the AFC Championship for the Pats, let Vince run over the GIants O-Line and be like a monster truck crushing cars. Let him be like Denzel Washington in “Man on Fire” and all his other movies and whoop everyones butt! Vince and the others on the D-Line must control the G-Men offensive front and of course it never hurts to give Eli a few wacks!



The Final 4 Who Wins it? Comment your answer!


Alex Smith.jpegEli Manning.jpegBrady hand up.jpegFlacco.jpeg

 Final 4 of the NFL Season

By: Tom Nappi

It is time for Final 4 action. I was pretty pumped I went 3 and 1 in picks last week, I don’t think anyone saw the 49ers beating the Saints however and if you say otherwise you are lying. Now that Brady and Eli are the best Qb’s left in the playoffs, the Pats have a great shot at the Super Bowl title, but do they have the best shot? Read below to find out.

4) S.F. 49ers – I am not counting out the 49ers against the Giants this week especially considering the way they played against the Saints last week. Alex Smith looked really good, the best he has ever looked (fact not opinion), but I am convinced the Saints are the NFC version of the Patriots, great offense, shaky at best defense. The 49ers have a chance to beat the G-Men but Eli is arguably playing better than anybody right now and the Giants offense looks unstoppable.

3) Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens defense is good in fact one of the best but they are substantially older and the way the Patriots offense is playing is ridiculous and they look unstoppable. I do not think the Ravens matchup well against the 3 headed monster in Gronk, Hernandez and Welker. Ravens have a legit shot to win the game if they get a couple of turn overs and if we find out the miraculous way the Pats defense played last week against the Broncos is a fluke, but I expect Pats to head to Indy.

2) New England Patriots – I hate to do it but I cannot say the Patriots or anyone else for that matter is playing hotter than the Giants right now. I do expect a Pats-Giants rematch in the Super Bowl although I may not pick that way on the Sports Blast because I need to come back in picks but if the Patriots even do half of what they did defensively against Flacco next week, hello Indianapolis!

1) New York Giants – They crush the Falcons and then the G-Men roll over everyones Super Bowl favorite Green Bay in extraordinary fashion shutting down Rodgers and all his weapons. Eli looks to be playing better than he ever has in his career and has a legit shot to surpass his brother Peyton in Super Bowl titles this year.


Patriots – 27 Baltimore – 17


Giants – 24  49ers – 17

Un-biased Super Bowl prediction

New York Giants – 37  New England Patriots – 30