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Is Syracuse and Uconn Greatest Rivalry?

Rivalry Rant By: Tom Nappi


On Saturday Feb 25th 2012

#2 Syracuse – 71  UCONN – 69


Going into the 2nd half Syracuse had a 43-29, U Conn outscored Cuse 40-28 in 2nd half.


:51 seconds left in the half Andre Drummond made a tip shot to tie up the game. Fab Melo put Syracuse ahead with :25 seconds left with a dunk and Cuse never looked back as they won the Big east title. Cuse 29-1 on the season, now last time these 2 teams met on Feb 11th it was Cuse running away with the game but usually when it’s Syracuse playing Uconn you have an absolutely amazing basketball game.


Uconn and Syracuse Basketball is one of the most underrated great rivalries in Sports.


2010-11 season when these 2 teams met, they split Syracuse won 66-58 and then Uconn upset Cuse at Big East tournament 76-71 in overtime.

2009-10 season Syracuse beat Uconn 72-67

2008-09 season early February Uconn killed Cuse 63-49, and then 31 days later on March 11th 2009 the most epic game ever, I will never forget it Cuse gets the upset 127-117 victory in 6 over times…. i repeat 6 overtimes.


After the 6 overtime game this rivalry really started gaining its recognition as always a great basketball game but even in 2007 the closeness of the Syracuse-Uconn Rivalry was still in existence.


2007-2008 season Uconn beat Syracuse 63-61,

2006-2007 Uconn wins game 1 67-60 Cuse wins game 2 73-63, and Cuse gets game 3 78-65,

2005-2006 they met 3 times Cuse took game 1 88-80, and Cuse won game 2 73-50 but game 3 goes into overtime and Cuse takes it 86-84.

2004-2005 they met 3 times again with in a 35 day span. Uconn wins first 2, 74-66, 88-70 but Cuse wins the big east tournament game 67-63.

2003-2004 game 1 monday feb 2nd 2004 Uconn pounds Cuse 84-56, 35 days later March 7 2004 Cuse beats Uconn 67-56.

2002-2003 Uconn gets both games, that was the big Uconn championship year but still cuse keeps it close 75-61, 80-67.

2001-2002 they did not play each other, but you look at the 10 year span of games between Uconn and Syracuse and how they went back and forth and 1 day Cuse or Uconn could crush the other and then just 30 days later they could play a 6 overtime game or it could be a buzzer beater to win it.


And it came to me Saturday Night, it’s rivalries like Syracuse and Uconn people love sports, Sports is one of the most unpredictable things in life and it’s rivalries like Uconn and Syracuse that just make it amazing entertainment.


Screw the Oscar winning movies or the Grammy winning musicians, why would you want to watch them over Syracuse and Uconn and if your a fan of one of those teams your heart is in your throat every time one meets the other.


Top Rivalries in sports Sox-Yankees, Lakers-Celtics, Giants-Dodgers, Patriots-Jets, Bruins-Canadians, Packers-Bears and add Syracuse and Uconn to the list as one of the most unbelievable rivalries in sports, this is why people love sports and more-so college sports for games or match ups like Syracuse and Uconn. You think about it from a college perspective as well their is usually major turnover every year at big universities in basketball because Cuse and Uconn are 2 of the top teams for NBA players. That makes the fact they have been going back and forth the past 10 years even more amazing.




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