10 Reasons Patriots Lost Super Bowl 46

By: Tom Nappi

Below is 10 simple reasons the Patriots lost, listed in order of importance, with 1 being the most important.

10) Lack of Experience in the Big Game – With nearly half the team being un-drafted or walk ons I am sure that the inexperience in any kind of playoff situation for most of the Patriots had an affect on this game.

9) Rob Gronkowski’s ankle was clearly a factor – he had 1 reception for 20 yards all game and was unable to break away from defenders or get the usual height on his jumps. Although if you watch the video on Boston’s Barstool Sports of Gronk raging or partying after the game to rap group LMFAO, you may question his ankle injury.

8) The Non-Ability to Create Turn Overs – 3 fumbles by the Giants and the defense was unable to come up with the key turnover they usually do. With a lack of a secondary and a questionable linebacking crew, the Patriots usually need turnovers to win and were unable to take advantage of any in this game.

7) Lack of a Deep Threat – The Patriots usually throw short passes and utilize a lot of short slants and in routes, the lack of a deep threat was a factor in this game as the front 7 for the Giants got to Brady, while the Giants questionable secondary was never really put to the test.

6) No Pressure from the Defensive Line – Vince Wilfork was double teamed for much of the game, apparently the Giants watched the video of the Patriots-Ravens game and no one else from the defensive line stepped up to get any kind of pressure on Eli. The Giants murdered the Patriots in the battle of the trenches, on both sides of the ball.

5) Tom Brady Struggles – I don’t put a lot of blame on Brady for this one, but he did make a few questionable passes including the interception to Blackburn in the 4th quarter. A lot of Brady’s struggles however resulted because the offensive line got crushed by the Giants D-Line. 

4) Offensive Line Struggles – The Offensive line failed to protect Brady and he was constantly pressured. 2 sacks for the Giants and Brady was constantly throwing under pressure.

3) Coaching over thought themselves – Why didn’t Patriots stay in the hurry up offense? Both hurry up offensive drives resulted in touchdowns, at the end of the first half and the beginning of the 3rd quarter. The coaches over thought themselves by switching out of the hurry up which worked!

2) Wide Receiver Drops – The last drive drops by especially Welker, but also Hernandez and Branch crushed the Patriots and gave them another 3 and out. Tom Brady cannot throw and catch as Gisele told a bunch of Giants d-bag fans bothering her after the game, she was 100% right. Step up your game boys!

1) Defense Could Not Get Off The Field – When it comes to defense, too many people are giving the defense credit for only giving up 19 points or 13 points if you disregard the last touchdown, but that is misleading, as just about every Super Bowl Champion has the ability to keep the opposing offense off the field for at least half of the game and make key stops, the Patriots pretty much had no key stops and the Giants offense was on the field 37 of the 60 minutes, giving Brady very limited time to pick up any kind of momentum and if you give up 396 yards to a high powered offense like the Giants. YOU ARE DEAD!

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