Why I Don’t Bet: NFL Playoff Rankings 2

By: Tom Nappi

Tim Tebow.jpg

Well if you read my article, I was wrong about just about everything once again proving why the NFL is the best league on earth and the playoffs are the most fascinating.


Here is what I said in my last article that was completely False because I am willing to admit my faults:


I ranked Denver 12th in the playoff rankings last week and said this: “Tim Tebow has been revealed for what he truly is, an average Running Back at the Q.B. position, there is no way I can see the Broncos beating the Steelers in the 1st Round therefore they are ranked last.


Clearly that statement was False as Tim Tebow threw for 316 yards and had 2 touchdowns including a 80 yard game winning TD pass in the opening seconds of over time too Demaryius Thomas.


I ranked Houston 11th in the playoff rankings and said this: The Texans have a good shot to upset the Bengals in the first round but after that, not to much of a chance at anything with T.J. Yates as their starting QB because Schaub is down, but look out next year.”


I gave the Texans the benefit of the doubt against the Bengals but T.J. Yates is better than I thought and the Texans defense gives them a legitimate shot to beat the Ravens next Sunday if Flacco plays bad.


To Sum up from last week, if you want to see what else I said read the damn article it’s 4 down from this one but I was half right about the Giants but I did say “They are too much of a shaky team to beat good opponents” This is kind of false, the Giants have a shot to beat the Packers next week, especially if Eli plays like he did against the Falcons and Jason Pierre-Paul is his usual self, I am picking Packers but upset alert is officially in affect on this one. The Bengals I was less than half right on but shame on me for crediting a team that is now 0 and 8 against opponents above .500, Bengals cannot beat good teams and will not be even close to a contender next year, this year was a fluke, they beat a bunch of tomato cans and made the playoffs. I think Andy Dalton will eventually be a good QB but the Bengals have a lot of show and tell to do next year in order to make me think differently.


Games This Week (My Picks are in Bold):

Sat 4:30pm New Orleans Saints @ S.F. 49ers

Sat 8:00pm Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

Sun 1:00pm Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

Sun 4:30pm New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers


Without further or do here is playoff week 2 Power Rankings of the Final 8, by the way do not take my advice into consideration while betting, there is a reason I do not bet anymore except on Super Bowl squares, I am damn good at those!!!


(#) – Last Week’s ranking


8-(5) S.F. 49ers (13-3) – The 49ers have a shot to beat the Saints next week with there amazing defense, but with the way Drew Brees is playing and the Saints are playing overall, don’t count on it, then again remember I am wrong a lot, but so is Peter King!!


7-(12) Denver Broncos (9-8) – The Broncos proved how wrong I could be, I know Mendenhall was out and Ben was not 100% but hey that’s football and the Broncos won fair and square. Tim Tebow showed balls this game, pure brass balls as he threw 3-4 passes over 50 yards, 2 of them for touchdowns and showed he can do more than run and throw short slant routes. The dude can throw the long ball and with the Patriots past 2 years of one and done, Tim Tebow has a shot to beat them! I am picking Pats, but Tebow has a shot!


6-(11) Houston Texans (11-6) – The Texans proved that their defense is good enough to do it without Schaub. I also have a huge respect for T.J. Yates, the 3rd stringer looked pretty damn good against an average Bengals defense. If Flacco has a bad day Sunday and the Texans are able to produce a couple turnovers, do not count them out.


5-(8) New York Giants (10-7) – The Giants have the offense and the defense to upset the Packers and shock the world, they did it to the Patriots in 2007 and they have the skill set to upset the overall Super Bowl favorite this year as well. The Packers have been playing below average lately and with the way this season has gone, who knows what to expect in this matchup of 2 high powered offenses and 2 of the top 5 QB’s this season. Yes I said it Eli is a top 5 QB, I know it sucks!


4-(4) Baltimore Ravens (12-4) – The Ravens have a shot to be upset by the Texans this week, I still pick Ravens to win, but Yates is looking good stepping in for Schaub and the Texans defense is outstanding. Big credit goes to Wade Phillips, expect him to be a head coach somewhere once again next season. 


3-(2) New Orleans Saints (14-3) – The Saints are playing outstanding and completely trashed the Lions last week, the reason I move them below the Patriots is because I feel the 49ers have a better shot to beat the Saints than the Broncos do to beat the Patriots, it’s that simple but I am picking Saints over 49ers this week.


2-(3) New England Patriots (13-3) – Patriots if you let me down against the Broncos and go one and done against this team, you are a disgrace. Losing to Giants, Ravens and Jets back to back to back in the playoffs is forgivable if you end Tebowmania, if you don’t I am just about done with you.


1-(1) Green Bay Packers (15-1) – I had a hard time ranking the Packers number 1 this week with the upset bound Giants coming to town, but until someone beats Aaron Rodgers besides a fluky Kyle Orton and the Chiefs in a pointless game, they stay here and are still my Super Bowl favorites this year! 

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