NFL Post Season Power Rankings: By Tom Nappi

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ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR! Down to 12 teams and we are ready for Wild Card Weekend Next week with a great slate of NFL games. BTW what a last week of the season, every game but 3 games meant something! With that being said the games this week our listed below along with the 12 teams ranked 12 to 1, 1 being the team with the best chance to bring home the Vince Lombardi Trophy!

Sat Jan 7th 4:30pm/et

Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans

Sat Jan 7th 8:00pm/et

Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

Sun Jan 8th 1:00pm/et

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants

Sun Jan 8th 4:00pm/et

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos

Byes: New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, S.F. 49ers, Green Bay Packers


12) Denver Broncos (8-8) – Tim Tebow has been revealed for what he truly is, an average Running Back at the Q.B. position, their is no way I can see the Broncos beating the Steelers in the 1st Round therefore they are ranked last. 

11) Houston Texans (10-6) – The Texans have a good shot to upset the Bengals in the first round but after that, not to much of a chance at anything with T.J. Yates as their starting QB because Schaub is down, but look out next year. 

10) Detroit Lions (10-6) – If the Saints do not make the Lions one and done this week and they pull what they did last year against the Seahawks, I am going to start calling Drew Brees the Lebron of the NFL, this should be an easy Saints win, Stafford and the gang will keep it close, but don’t expect much.

9) Cincinnati Bengals (9-7) – The Bengals have an interesting scenario, they have a Matt Schaubless Texans squad in the first round then could end up with a defenseless Patriots, the Bengals could upset their way to the AFC Championship, but if they make it to New England, I am picking Pats! A great season by the most surprising team of the year in the rookie QB led Bengals.

8) New York Giants (9-7) – I may even pick the Giants to beat the Falcons in the first round, but the Giants are way too much of a shaky team against good opponents to rank them any higher than this.

7) Atlanta Falcons (10-6) – The Falcons have had a questionable year, they started terrible and really turned things arounds especially once Julio Jones got back, beating the Giants will be no easy task however as I think this is an even matchup and both these teams match up well against each other on both sides of the ball.

6) Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) – No one knows how healthy Big Ben actually is and Rashard Mendenhall may have a torn ACL, this could cost the Steelers dearly, I expect them to get past Denver, but to beat New England again this year with those offensive injuries would really take a lot of luck or New England sleeping defensively. 

5) S.F. 49ers (13-3) – The 49ers have arguably the best defense in the league at this current time, but with an unreliable Alex Smith and a very good but stoppable Frank Gore, if they meet a team like the Saints or Giants next round, it could be upset city in San Francisco. Also one other relevant point to make look at the teams that have won Super Bowls the past few years, Packers, Saints, Steelers, Colts, all have great QB’s, Alex Smith is not in that category. 

4) Baltimore Ravens (12-4) – The success of the Ravens will completely bank on what kind of Joe Flacco plays, will it be the kind that throws countless interceptions and miss fires 50% of his passes or will he be sharp and hit his targets, defensively they are fine, but offensively they have many questions with Flacco as their Q.B.

3) New England Patriots (13-3) – The Patriots have the best offense in the A.F.C. and could have an easy road to the Super Bowl with the 1 seed and home field locked up and the fact they may play the Bengals in the first round, but if the Patriots struggle defensively like they have all season and they end up with the Steelers next week, an upset is very possible. 

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2) New Orleans Saints (13-3) – In my opinion, the Saints are the only team besides the Patriots that could keep up scoring wise with the Packers, Drew Brees has played outstanding this year and I will not rule the Saints out of a matchup with Green Bay in the NFC championship pending they don’t lose to someone ridiculous as they did in the playoffs last year to the 8 and 8 Seahawks.

1) Green Bay Packers (15-1) – Matt Flynn threw 6 touchdowns last week and the Green Bay Packer B Squad beat the Detroit Lions who were playing for a higher seed, I can’t wait to see what the A Squad does in the playoffs, repeat more than likely in Cheesehead City!

There you have it folks, these will change next week, enjoy the NFL and read Craig’s article below this one on what the Red Sox need to do as we are only 2 months or so away from Spring Training!

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