Grades for the eliminated!

By: Tom Nappi

Here is the grades I give the teams eliminated from Super Bowl contention and why!

We are down to the final 8 in the playoffs, 22 teams are on vacation and this article is to show how they did this season overall. I will rank the other 8 teams as the playoffs proceed, obviously you can’t rank the others until they win or go home.

Grade Scale:
A+ = Awesome,
A = Pretty Awesome,
A- = Sweet Season,
B+ = Not too shabby,
B = Not half bad,
B- = Pretty Good,
C+ = Future looks bright,
C = ehhh ok,
C- = Needs improvement,
D+ = Need a lot of improvement,
D = Disappointment,
D- = Just about a failure,
F= Failure and completely awful

New York Giants – Grade Pending

Philadelphia Eagles (8-8) – They spend massive amounts of money on defense such as the most notable signing CB Namdi Asomugha. They have Vick at QB, who was beat up and terrible most of the year, McCoy at Rb and Maclin and DeSean Jackson at WR. The Eagles were my Super Bowl favorite heading into the year and failed miserably finishing the season .500. No excuse for missing the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys (8-8) – Any year the Cowboys finish .500 with the talent they have on both sides of the ball is a failure, especially since they lost the last game of the season to the Giants to miss the playoffs.

Washington Redskins (5-11) – They started off the year nice but finished as just about everyone expected, no surprises here. However they have spent way too much money for constant failure.

NFC North
Green Bay Packers – Grade Pending!

Detroit Lions (10-7) – The Lions made the playoffs but clearly did not have the defense to contain unbelievably good offenses such as the Saints and at times struggled offensively. They certainly fu-filled expectations this year and should be a good team for years to come with the amount of young talent on the roster, next year they will have to play more disciplined.
Grade = B

Chicago Bears (8-8) – Cutler went down, a once good season went to hell as Caleb Hanie sucked. Next year I am sure the Bears will look into a back up. The defense was solid and the play of the O-Line was much improved but they finished 8 and 8.
Grade = C-

Minnesota Vikings (3-13) – Donovan McNabb = Fail. The Vikings were o.k. when McNabb was not playing but had a very rough season finishing 3 and 13.
Grade = F

NFC South
New Orleans Saints – Grade Pending

Atlanta Falcons (10-7) – 3rd year in a row the Falcons were one and done in the playoffs, they were a Super Bowl favorite to start the season in the NFC with the addition of Julio Jones but ended up in the end as the Falcons typically do, losers!
Grade = D-

Carolina Panthers (6-10) – The expectations were not so high in Carolina and there was no reason for them to be but Cam Newton took the Panthers on his back to 6 wins, and the Panthers were competitive in nearly every game. The Panthers will get better and better as they surround Newton with weapons.
Grade = B+

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12) – Bucs were expected to be a competitor for a wild card spot after they had a nice season last year but instead they were a competitor for the number 1 draft pick, Freeman fell into his sophomore slump and 2011 was a disaster for the Bucs.
Grade = F

NFC West
S.F. 49ers – Grade pending, but for the season they had, I think you know the grade I am going to give the 49ers.

Arizona Cardinals (8-8) – Kevin Kolb surprisingly failed, while John Skelton looked good, Cardinals were not expected to do much this year but in a what used to be weak before Jim Hardbaugh came to the 49ers. Cards have a lot of talent and should be a little better next year
Grade = C-

Seattle Seahawks (7-9) – I did not expect much more than what the Seahawks brought to the table, a couple impressive upset and competitive in most games, this is a team that should get better however as they looked good at the end of the season.
Grade = C-

St. Louis Rams (2-14) – What the hell happened to Sam Bradford and the Rams as a whole? After being competitive last year and showing signs of Rams on the rise, you would expect much better than 2 wins!
Grade = F

AFC East
New England Patriots – Grade Pending

New York Jets (8-8) – This is the grade I could not wait to give, Rex Ryan talks, talks, talks but he could not even get the Jets into the post season this year. Oh yeah and Sanchez has not improved what so ever and could be the main hold back for the Jets, besides their cocky attitudes and bad team chemistry.
Grade = F

Miami Dolphins (6-10) – Did not really expect much, overall the Dolphins downgraded their roster this year. They did get better as the season went on however and should continue to get more competitive as long as they make some upgrades.
Grade = C-

Buffalo Bills (6-10) – Bills start off really good and even beat the Patriots once, Fitzpatrick signs a long term contract and they fall apart with injuries, Stevie Johnson antics on the field and their lack of talent showed in the end.
Grade = D

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens – Grade Pending

Pittsburgh Steelers (12-5) – Great season for the Steelers, but they lose to Tebow in the first round because of failure to change defensive scheme at anytime. Regardless of the injuries the Steelers had, you have to win against the Broncos as long as Big Ben can play.
Grade = D-

Cincinnati Bengals (9-7) – They beat 8 teams with below .500 records this year but their schedule is not their fault, they shockingly made the playoffs and although they lost to the Texans in the first round for the Bengals to make the playoffs with their roster and the loss of Carson Palmer is quite impressive.
Grade = A

Cleveland Browns (4-12) – Peyton Hillis showed to be a whiny baby uncompetitive loser this year and the whole Browns season pretty much evolved around the failure of Hillis. The Browns have a lack of talent, especially offensively and you should not expect much for years to come.
Grade = D-

AFC South
Houston Texans – Grade Pending

Tennessee Titans (9-7) – Exceeded my hopes this year, being a competitive team and just barely missing the playoffs. Hasselbeck played pretty well and the Titans have some good momentum heading into next year.
Grade – A-

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11) – I at least expected the Jags to be competitive and they simply were not at all, another terrible season for the Jags and I don’t see the rain stopping anytime soon in Jag Town. This was the year with Peyton Manning out for the Jags to step up.
Grade – D-

Indianapolis Colts (2-14) – O.K. even with Peyton Manning out look at the Colts roster and tell me if they should have enough loses to get the 1st draft pick in 2012. Ridiculous season and the Colts need to wipe out the entire ownership group and whoever has anything to do with scouting and finding back up QB’s. We watched an entire team fail this year because 1 guy was out, regardless of Manning being out the collapse of the Colts this year means the Colts were poorly assembled and are not well coached.
Grade – F

AFC West
Denver Broncos – Grade Pending, but the fact that Tebow beat the Steelers in the first round of the playoffs is unreal, so they will get an A. Year one goes to Felger, if you listen to the Sports Hub you will know what I am talking about.

S.D. Chargers (8-8) – NORV TURNER SUCKS AND SO DOES PETER KING. Way to pick this A-hole team to win the Super Bowl, all the talent in the world and they cannot get over 8 wins, pitiful!
Grade – F

Oakland Raiders (8-8) – Raiders were competitive but uphold their reputation as the most undisciplined team in football. Also with Al Davis passing away who knows what the future of the Raiders is.
Grade – C-

Kansas City Cheifs (7-9) – Cassel went down, collapse insued, Romeo Crennel took over as head coach and restored life in Chief town, look out next year as Crennel is the permanent head coach. NICE MOVE BY THE CHIEFS!
Grade – C+

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