Are the Detroit Lions for Real? By: Eric Belseth

By: Eric Belseth
I’m not sure what’s been the biggest shock so far this season: Cam Newton becoming the new Drew Bledsoe, the Kansas City Chiefs only being able to put up 10 points in 2 games, or the fact that the Detroit Lions are atop the NFC North at 2-0. But I guess, seeing that I was screaming about Kansas City not having any receivers for Matt Cassel to throw to in my preseason power rankings, the Detroit Lions would be the biggest shocker.

Who would’ve thought that after all the turmoil after the lockout ended, the Lions would look like one of the best teams around? Matt Stafford actually looks like he’s 110 percent, and looks like he may stay that way the rest of the season. That defense of theirs is just plain SCARY good. If you’re a quarterback, you might want to bring extra pads and underwear if you’re facing Suh and the rest of that Lions defense in the coming weeks.

But then again, should you really be surprised? Those Vikings are a joke and look like an abortion on the field. No Minnesota, Donovan McNabb is not the answer. He’s actually a sudden cancerous growth! Oh and how about those Bears? Yeah Jay Cutler, the guy that’s going to throw for 700 interceptions and get sacked 14,678,232 time this season. They’re on the right track. The only team Detroit really needs to worry about in that division is the Green Bay Packers. So it’s almost a given at this point that they can take the at least 2nd in their division, if not the whole thing. At this point, depending on how the rest of the season goes, I’d be shocked if they didn’t get a wildcard spot in the playoffs.
Let me throw some statistics at you. They’re currently ranked 2nd in the NFL with an average of 37.5 points per game. They’re 6th in passing yards with an average of 313.5 per game, and 8th in total yards with 421. The defense is currently ranked at 7th in the NFL giving up an average of 11.5 points per game.

I know its early in the season, but seriously, did you really expect the Lions to be this good this early in the season? I know I didn’t. They usually start off slow and have a Matthew Stafford injury to deal with. Lets hope I don’t jinx it.

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